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Terms & Conditions for NASA Space Apps Challenge Kuala Lumpur 2019

(NSAC KL 2019)



1.1. The NASA Space Apps Challenge Kuala Lumpur (NSAC KL 2019), and all of its properties listed below will be defined and known as below;


1.1.1. This Terms & Conditions is prepared solely for the purpose of NASA Space Apps Challenge (NSAC KL 2019) and hereby will be referred to as “the T&Cs”

1.1.2. NASA Space Apps Challenge Kuala Lumpur (NSAC KL 2019), is a 3-day event. Hereby, this whole event will be known as “the Event”

1.1.3. UNLOCK DESIGN INTERNATIONAL Sdn. Bhd. will be the sole organizer for NASA Space Apps Challenge Kuala Lumpur (NSAC KL 2019), and hereby will be known as “the Organizer”

1.1.4. Hackathon challenge that will be conducted in this event as “the Hackathon”.

1.1.5. Ideathon challenge that will be conducted in this event will be referred to as “the Ideathon”.

1.1.6. The official website that is specially made for NASA Space Apps Challenge Kuala Lumpur (NSAC KL 19); will be referred to as “the Website”.

1.1.7. The official Facebook page that is specially created for NASA Space Apps Challenge Kuala Lumpur (NSAC KL 19) will be referred to as “the Page”.

1.1.7. Companies that agrees to collaborate with the Organizer will be referred to as “the Partner”.

1.1.8. “The Participants” are defined by the individuals who are filling their personal information at the pre-registration form and NASA Registrations at their own will and consent. 

1.1.9. “The Official Platforms” are digital sites that are chosen by the Organizer to publish and announce all necessary information in regard of the Event as follows;

The Website

The Page  

1.2. Participants are highly advised to review the T&Cs carefully at to avoid further misunderstandings and to be updated with the latest amendment of the T&Cs.

1.3. The Organizer is not responsible for any losses, accidents or failures that occurs from this the T&Cs.

1.4. By participating in the Hackathon & Ideathon, you are acknowledging and agreeing that your ideas, suggestions, solutions and discussion of the concept, prototype or the product that you are working may be used or incorporated into other service, idea, concept or suggestions will or may be taken into further development by the Organizer or the Partner.

1.5. By clicking the ‘Submit’ button on the pre-registration registration form, you will be considered as agreed, acknowledged, read and understood to be bounded by the Event’s T&Cs, as well as the Judges’ and the Organizer’s decision.

1.6. The Organizer has the right to amend, modify, change and to remove any parts of this T&Cs up to the very end of the Event, without further notice to the participants, unless the change is deemed necessary by the Organizer. If so, the changes will be announced in all Official Platforms of the Event.



2.1. Must be either a Malaysian citizen or Non-Malaysian citizen with valid documentation ID, such as, but not limited to, MyKad, Malaysian driving license, passport, student/working visa or permit, tourist visa or Permanent Residence card.

2.2. Must be 18 years old on the day of the Event.

2.3. For Participants under 18 years old, the said Participants must possess these criteria to validate their participation

2.3.1.  A student from a valid university / college

2.3.2. Pursuing a tertiary education (Certificate / Diploma / Degree)

2.3.3. Have a valid Student ID

2.3.4. In a case where the said Participant is working, the person must provide a valid documentation of proving his employment (Work ID, Employee’s Card).

2.3. Have completed their pre-registration at the Website and registration at NASA’s location website.

2.4. Must not be under any influence of drugs, alcohol or any stimulating substances during the Event.



3.1. All participants for Hackathon and Ideathon applies for Clause 2.

3.2. Participants who participate as team must register their Team Name at 

3.3. Team members must not exceed 5 members per team.

3.4. Individual participation is allowed, however, the Organizer is not responsible if the solo participants is unable to complete the solution after the Hackathon or Ideathon time period ended.

3.5. Participate only ONE challenge at one time. No dual participation of both Hackathon and Ideathon at the same time is allowed.



4.1. All participants must pre-register and register their personal details through (Hackathon & Ideathon) and (Conference only).

4.2. All registered participants are welcome to work with their project at the event venue.

4.3. Hacking session will only start after the announcement by the Organizer on 19th October 2019 (Saturday)

4.4. All Team must utilize NASA’s Open Data through

4.5. Pitching session will be held on 20th October 2019 (Sunday).

4.6. The Winner of Hackathon, Hackathon 1st Runner-Up, Hackathon 2nd Runner-Up and Ideathon Winner will be announced during the Closing Ceremony on 20th October 2019 (Sunday).



5.1. Hacking session only starts after the Hackathon Flag-Off, which is on Saturday, 10:30 AM.

5.2. All teams and participants are allowed to work outside the event venue, however, the Organizer is not responsible if the team failed missed their turn for pitching due to unforeseen circumstances or miscommunication.

5.3. All teams are required to bring their own laptop and all related items/ device to their project.

5.4. All teams will be given a timeslot to pitch. Whoever teams that wish to have their pitching slot changes, they must inform the Organizer 30 minutes after the pitching schedule is published. However, all changes are upon the Organizer’s sole discretion.

5.5. Team will be immediately disqualified from the Challenge if they failed to show up at the event venue for pitching.

5.6. Strictly no waiting. Each team will be called three times by the announcer for pitching. In the case where the team failed to show up after the third call, the team will be regarded as disqualified.

5.7. For Pivotal Pitch, all teams will be given 3 minutes to pitch and 2 minutes of Q&A session.

5.8. All teams are allowed to bring all and any devices they deemed important to aid their pitch.

5.9. The Organizer is not responsible for poor internet connectivity if the Participants chooses to work outside the venue.

5.10. All pitching and works will be judged by selected judges, chosen by the Organizer.

5.11. Judges will score according to their evaluation towards the work and output presented by the Participants.

5.12. All Teams will be assigned to be evaluated by a judge by a computerized randomizer for Pivotal Pitch. No human assignment are used to assign the judge and the team.

5.13. Teams who received the highest score will be chosen for Moonshot Pitch.

5.14. Winner, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up for Hackathon Challenge, and Winner for Ideathon will only be announced and granted the cash prize once all the judges reach mutual agreement. 

5.15. All evaluation is non-judgemental.

5.16. Judges’ decision is final.



6.1. All announcements, updates and notices will be published in our Website and the Page.

6.2. The Organizer is not responsible for any case of failures in communicating the Participants who chooses to work outside the event venue due to, but not limited to, such as poor internet connectivity, application failure, or problems in internet connections due to natural disasters or system failure.



7.1. The Winner of Hackathon will be chosen from one of the Participants and will receive a cash prize of Malaysian Ringgit Five Thousand (RM 5,000.00) only.

7.2. The First Runner Up of Hackathon will be chosen from one of the Participants and will receive a cash prize of Malaysian Ringgit Three Thousand (RM 3,000.00) only.

7.3. The Second Runner Up of Hackathon will be chosen from one of the Participants and will receive a cash prize of Malaysian Ringgit Two Thousand (RM 2,000.00) only.

7.4. The Winner of Ideathon will be chosen from one of the Participants and will receive a cash prize of Malaysian Ringgit One Thousand (RM1,000.00) only.

7.5. All cash prizes are non-transferable to any third parties.

7.6. Cash prizes’ value is final and cannot be transformed into other forms of assets.

7.7. All cash value will be paid in Malaysian Ringgit. Changes of currency is strictly not allowed.

7.8. All cash prizes will be transferred to the winner through online banking. Winners will be contacted by the Organizer for their details.

7.9. All transfers will be completed in 60 days after the end of the Event.



8.1. Participants who have signed up for this Event have to acknowledge and grant their permission to use their name, affiliation, submission materials, visual and audio recordings and photographs of their activity or participation at the event for the Event’s current, past and future promotions, all without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.

8.2. In the case where the Participants found the photo published is considered inappropriate for his or her consideration, such as, but not limited to, showing particular body parts that deemed inappropriate for certain beliefs or unintentional / accidental provocative or aggressive posing, the Participants must inform the Organizer about the concern. However, the Organizer has the right to decide the further action of the said matter.

8.3. All information provided by the Participants will be considered as Confidential, and will only be used internally by the Organizer.



9.1. The participation and winning rights will be terminated if the Participants;

9.1.2. Missed the pitching session.

9.1.3. Carrying illegal silmutants, such as, but not limited to, drugs, marijuana or substances that deemed illegal to Malaysian Law.

9.1.4. Carrying concealed or/and non-concealed weapon or/and guns for whatsoever reasons.

9.1.5.Failed to provide a valid documentation of his/her identity.

9.1.6. Below 18 years old and are currently in Secondary Education (High School, Secondary School or equals).

9.1.7. Attempting to use aggressiveness verbally or/and physically towards all personnel in the venue.

9.1.8. Caught of doing any actions that are deemed and considered as sexual harassment 9.1.9. towards all personnel in the venue.

9.1.10. Make a scene at the venue place, or any attempt of behavior that causes the Participants to lose control of her/his action due to, but not limited to consummation of alcohol prior to the event, usage of drugs or illegal stimulants prior to the event or extreme prank.

9.2. The Winning Rights will be terminated if the selected winners;

9.2.1. Shows one or more of the behaviors stated in 9.1

9.1.2. Failed to show the written code to the judge.

9.2.3. Caught of using works that have been presented in other Hackathon Challenge.

9.2.4. Caught of plagiarizing other people’s work.

9.3.5. For clause 9.2 (d) and 9.2 (e), the Organizer has the right to investigate the matter and the accuser must provide evidence(s) to support their accusation.

9.4. The Organizer is not hesitate to call the relevant authorities if necessary.   



10.1. Participants who are registered for Conference are entitled to join all Conference activities, which comprise of the Workshop, the Keynote Speech and the Fireside Chat.

10.2. Participants are allowed to attend on which day they wish to come at their own convenience.

10.3. Participants are free to choose any activities they wish to participate at their own convenience.

10.4. All participants are required to bring a laptop if they wish to participate in the Workshop Session.



11.1. All participants are required to wear the event tag throughout the event duration. The Organizer has the right to ask the participants to present the tag before entering the designated activity space.

11.2. Only Hackathon and Ideathon participants are allowed to enter the Hacking Area.

11.3. Children below 13 are not allowed to be brought into the designated activity space.

11.4. All children below 13 have to be attended by their guardians or parents. The Organizer is not responsible for the safety of the children that are brought to the venue.

11.5. Registered Participants are entitled to have One (1) meal per day and One (1) pair of T-shirt throughout the event. 

11.6. Meals are on first-come-first-serve basis.

11.7. Strictly no T-Shirt size change, unless necessary, which is defined as below;

11.7.1. The T-shirt does not fit the participant in a severe manner.

11.8. Goodie bags are only limited to 200 Participants. The Breakdown of the allocation are as below;

11.8.2. Friday - 100 bags

11.8.3. Saturday - 100 bags

11.9. All goodie bags are under first-come-first-serve basis.



12.1. All participants will be given a unique number which is based on the order of all Accumulated Participants’ Name.

12.2. All registered participants are entitled to enter and have a chance of winning the lucky draw.

12.3. The draw will be announced during the Closing Ceremony. The Master of Ceremony will draw a random number from a container. She will announce the number and the participants who has the number wins.

12.4. If the winner of the First Draw does not show up after the call of 3, the Master of Ceremony will repeat the process consecutively until a winner is present to claim the prize.

12.5. The winner must show proof of her/him owning the winning number. Failure to do so will cause the winning to be rejected and the Master of Ceremony has the right to draw a new number again.

12.6. Only one (1) prize is offered for lucky draw for one (1) lucky winner.

12.7. The prize is not interchangeably with cash. 

12.8. The Organizer has the right to change/ amend the prize to a similar value or lower if necessary. 


13.1. Participants are allowed to stay overnight at the venue ONLY from Saturday, 19th October 2019 to Sunday, 20th October 2019.

13.2. Overnight stay other than the mentioned date is strictly prohibited.

13.3. Participants who wish to stay overnight at the venue will be requested to fill in their contact details; which will consist of Name, Email Address & Phone Number.

13.4. Participants who chooses to stay is required to follow Venue Partner and Organizer’s house rules which are, but not restricted to;

13.4.1. Not to vandalise any of MaGIC’s properties, utilities and all facilities under any circumstances unless it is deemed necessary.

13.4.2. Not to force entrance to any space that is locked / prohibited in MaGIC.

13.4.3. Not to create large noises.

13.4.4. Not bringing any stimulants that is deemed illegal and alcoholic drinks of any kind.

13.4.5. Maintain a good manners and ethics while in the venue.

13.5. The Organizer and Venue Partner are not responsible on providing, upon every decision on staying, which consist of, but not limited to;

13.5.1. Sleeping facilities and its equipment.

13.5.2. Hygiene equipment such as, but not limited to, toothbrush, toothpaste and soap.

13.5.3. Food, snacks and drinks.

13.5.4. Other necessities.

13.6. The Organizer and Venue Partner are also not responsible for any of these stated below happen;

13.6.1. Any loss of personal belongings during the overnight stay.

13.6.2.  Reimbursement from the loss of previous hotel bookings.

13.6.3. Any incidents that are caused by participants.

13.6.4. Missing of participants if the person failed to fill in the Contact Form for overnight stay.

13.6.5. Reimbursement from all expenses during overnight stay.

13.7. The Organizer and Venue Partner does not hesitate to call for the Police if incidents happen.

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