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*Participants’ Guideline (Hackathon & Ideathon)



  • Upon check-in, you will be asked for your name, and our staff will mark your attendance.

  • You will receive one (1) tag. T-shirt will be given before the opening ceremony.

  • T-shirt is given based on the size of when you submitted the Individual Hackathon / Ideathon Pre-Registration.

  • Once you have checked-in, you are free to roam around the venue.


Hacking Area

  • Only Hackathon / Ideathon participants with TAG are allowed to enter the Hacking Area.

  • You can sit anywhere you prefer. /station

  • Chairs and tables might be limited to all participants. Be courteous to other participants and please do not use the chair to put your stuff/luggage. 

  • We advise you to bring your own power extension.

  • You can hack anywhere you want, even outside the venue.

  • Wifi is available at the venue. 

  • If you require to download a large amount of data, we encourage you to have it downloaded earlier or bring your own network. The large number or participants might going to affect the WIFI speed. 



  • Mentors are available to be approached on Saturday. They can be anywhere in the venue (not just in the Hacking Area). 

  • You can ask for feedback, advice or guidance from them.

  • Availability of each mentor is all based on their convenience. Some of them might be there for a long period, and some might leave early.

  • All mentors have different personalities & expertise. 


Overnight stay in MaGIC

  • Participants are allowed to stay overnight from 19th - 20th October 2019 (Saturday - Sunday)

  • Organizer are not responsible on providing sleeping facilities and food / drink upon staying. 

  • Bring your own food, snacks, hygiene amenities, and sleeping necessities. 

  • Please take care of all belongings. Organizer and the venue provide is not liable to any loss of personal belonging that occurs in the venue and upon staying overnight.

  • Please use the facilities provided with care.

  • Be considerate towards others. Do not create large noises, or causing disturbance.

  • Strictly no alcoholic drink in the venue.

  • Bathroom facilities are limited.

  • Participants are allowed to leave at their own convenience.


Pivotal Pitch

  • You need to be present on Sunday, 20th October 2019.

  • We will announce the pitching time for each team via Facebook page. The schedule will be also be displayed in the venue.

  • Example of pitching schedule:


10:00 - 10:10 - TEAM ALPHA & TEAM DELTA

10:10 - 10:20 - TEAM BRAVO & TEAM ECHO 



  • Each team will need to have all their members & project ready before pitching

  • Please be present at the venue before your pitching slot starts.

  • Be attentive to all announcement.

  • Make sure you have all of your members present for pitching. The team will not be allowed to pitch if their team is not completed.

  • If one of your members is unavailable, kindly inform our staff.

  • You can bring as many laptops as you preferred to the pitching room. 

  • You are given 3 minutes to pitch & 2 minutes for Q&A Session.

  • Pitching is encouraged to be presented in Powerpoint Presentation / similar software.


Moonshot Pitch

  • Best ten (10) teams for Hackathon & five (5) best team from Ideathon will compete for Moonshot Pitch.

  • Announcement of the selected team will be done by the latest of 1:30 PM, 20th October 2019.

  • Moonshot pitch will be evaluated by judges.

  • This is a public presentation and will be conducted in the Auditorium.

  • One (1) laptop will be connected with the projector.

  • All members must be present.

  • Participants are not allowed to use UD Staff' laptop


General guidelines & Tip

  • Be sure to interact with the mentors. Make use of their assistance to improve your project / idea.

  • Be polite and respectful to everyone.

  • Do not steal other people’s ideas.

  • Judging criteria can be viewed here :

  • It is not necessary for everyone in your team to talk during the pitching session. You can assign one or two members to do the talking.

  • A good team is a well-balanced team. Make sure your team has the skill of IT, a good storyteller and a good business model.

  • For Hackathon participants, show the judges / mentors your prototype, working models or proof of concept, the background workings of the project, and other things that might be necessary. You will lose marks if there are no working prototypes.

  • Wear comfy clothes.

  • Be confident when pitching.

  • Everyone from different backgrounds and statuses will compete together. The best way to compete is getting the right and strong skills for your team, no matter even if you are a student or professional.

  • Strategize your pitch. If this is your first time, do some research on how to pitch in 3 minutes and what you should prepare yourself.

  • Stay until the closing ceremony and you might have a chance to win the lucky draw.  

  • Food is served based on ‘first come first serve’ basis.

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