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Q : I did pre-register/register through space apps KL website or Peatix / Event bright etc. Do I have to register again in official registration?
A : Yes, all of you MUST register through official registration in order to attend this event which opened already. We appreciate for your understanding.

Q : Can we get free meal?
A : We will provide light snacks, limited drink only.


Q : Can we get any goodies?
A : Yes there is but still secret! Also, don't forget, you will receive official e-certificate.


Q : What should we bring?
A : Bring your great idea, also whatever you need to develop for your solution / prototype such as the laptop.

Q : Is there enough Wifi access at the venue?
A : Yes we do have wifi and there is public area or cafe around if you are not satisfy with the speed.


Q : What programming language will be used for the event?

A : Free to use any relevant programming language you like (Java, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, and other)


Q : Can one person be in 2 teams or more?

A : No, one person can be in one team only.


Q : Can I use other data? (Not the data provided by NASA)

A : Yes, you can use. If you want to participate hackathon (Global) there is restriction for open data.


Q : Do I need to bring hardware?

A : Yes, organizer will not provide any hardware.


Q : Do I have to stay at this venue all day?

A : No, as long as you attend opening ceremony, submit name on time, also to be at the venue at assigned timing for pitch.


Q : Do I need to attend opening ceremony?

A : Yes, we want to see everybody who will participate to Hackathon at the opening!


Q : Can we prepare from today? Or do we have to wait till event start?

A : You can start to develop solution from today!


Q : Can we use projector when I pitch to Mentor?

A : We do not have projector for each mentor table. You are free to show from your laptop if you require.


Q : Can we use projector when I pitch to Judge?

A : Yes, you can use projector for the final pitch to the judges.


Q : Where can I find pitch timing?

A : Pitching time slot will be announced on web and Facebook during the event. Please follow official facebook to get the latest information. 


Q : How long for my pitch?

A : 3min per pitch.


Q : If I won top 2 and need to submit to NASA, what time and how I should move on?

A : Please wait for NASA Global team announcement.


Q : Do we have chair, table for everybody?

A : We will have some but unfortunately not for all. 



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