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Q: How is this challenge different from the usual NASA Space Apps Challenge?

A : NASA Covid-19 Space Apps Challenge is mainly focused on fighting the current Covid-19 pandemic for the benefit of the whole world.

Q: Where can I register for the challenge?

A : We will announce the registration soon. Stay tuned.

Q: Can I enter individually?

A : Yes.

Q: Do we need to form the team ourselves?

A : Yes, all team-forming is based on participants' own preferences.

Q: Where can we submit our projects?

A : We will announce the platform soon.

Q: Does this challenge provide communication channel among participants?

A : Yes. All participants will be invited to Rocket Chat, a platform of where all participants can communicate with each other, including the organizer.

Q: Do we need to prepare a working prototype of our project?

A : It is up to participants' consideration of what kind of presentation that they wish to submit to the judges.

Q : Do we need to pitch? If yes, how?

A : We will announce the method soon.

Q: How will the judging done?

A : Judging will be done globally. 

Q: Where can we find the data?

A: Links for the data will be announced soon.

Q: Is it compulsory to only use NASA, ESA or JAXA data for this challenge?

A : Yes.

Q: What is the prize for this challenge?

A: We will announce the prize soon.

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